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Sliding glass doors design

simple, modern or classic effect

Doors are an essential element in furnishings and return a character and style depending on each environment. In particular, the sliding doors, or concealed doors, are indicated to valorize the environments in which it is necessary recovering space or when you need to divide the spaces without the total closure of a masonry wall.

Between reflexes, combinations of materials and transparencies born the Aleph collections dedicated to sliding glass doors. Tailor made doors that combines technological innovation to the variety of designs, depending on your tastes and styles.

Then born the classic collections such as pearl and opal (proposed here in Flanders glass painted but also available in other finishes); Double GLASS the minimalist, perfect to divide environments with the highest exaltation of glass or, for an effect much more modern the SHUTTER collection, which in total absence of the sliding system to view, create fluid forms essential.

Our doors are available with a wide range of glasses: neutral, lacquer ware, satin finish, with fabric laminated to& or decorated. The decoration of the glass, on request, can be customized.