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Tailor made doors design

Tailor made doors design

Aluminum meets color

Our key strength is the internal manufacturing management that enables us to meet customer needs and to offer a wide range of finishes and countless colours.

Door get dressed: aluminium sheets from the original plots, precious woods and glass with fabric matching with your furniture.

The selection of the raw material in the production of tailor made doors represents the distinctive element, which is the basis of a production capacity of Aleph combined with a deep knowledge of the techniques for the treatment of each surface. The variety of coatings, new, highly technological and resistant to time and abrasions, blends in perfectly with the design competence of our interior.

Thanks to meticulous care when selecting all the details that make the difference, our flexibility and the internal management of the processes, each door may be customised through the choice of materials, finishing and colours to become a UNIQUE model.

porta da interno made in italy