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Aleph Aluminium Stefano Orizio

Stefano Orizio

Stefano Orizio’s search joins together the sensitivity for materials with analytical design and technical architectonics.

As a freelance designer, he has been able to create plastic models for internationally renowned architects by using experimental techniques and methodologies translated into such precious works that they become objects of design.

In 2008 the Ministry for cultural heritage of Lombardy added one of his models to its assets as a work of art to be protected.

Federica Arici

Architect, layout designer. Graduating in Civil Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan, she has developed her passion for construction and appearance through the experience gained at architect studios and layout design laboratories.

Her work mixes architectural and design subjects with her aptitude for craftsmanship, interest for self-handling and new technologies.Following her own method – dal cucchiaio alla città (From the spoon to the town) – she alternates the design with the creation of architectonic models in the various scales using a host of materials and techniques.

Aleph Aluminium Federica Arici
Aleph Aluminium Stefano LAZZARI​


Designer, scenographer, sculptor, he lives and works in Brescia, Italy. After studying the arts at the Brera Academy he continued his personal development of Sculpture and Drawing.

A polyhedral artist, he works with Art Academies and Design companies, with the awareness that contemporaneity can be expressed through the oldest of the artistic techniques.


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