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Accademia FACE line

This leaf door model is made special by the post that entirely wraps the structure (brickwork or plasterboard) and guarantees maximum performance in terms of structure and aesthetics. The honeycomb panel perfectly suits the wall, homogeneously aligning all the surfaces in the environment and creating an effect of continuity and lightness. The Face model is also available in the version only with panel for pocket sliding doors, to be fitted in a “minimal” counter frame that does not require any jamb or backlining.

Face Swing

The door becomes one with the wall and takes on its colours. The perfect coplanarity of the door and the wall make it possible to decorate the entire facade in a continuous fashion. Detail of the anodized silver jamb that wraps entirely around the wall (brickwork or plasterboard). Magnetic lock. Easy handle with matt silver finish, simple closing.

Face Pocket

Essential shapes for essential functions. Door for minimal counterframes coordinated with the wall (without jamb and backlining). Simple fitted handle with matt silver finish.