Doors as works of art, with unique artistic solutions, designed to maximise the scenic presence and the original vision of interior decoration.

There are also modern solutions, with an essential concept and design, to enhance the purity of the shapes and materials.

The project’s quality comes from precisely balancing values and potential: the selection of innovative materials, the skilful processing, the ability of creatively innovating, the recognised value of products that are made in Italy.


The blend of dynamism and enthusiasm that has always marked us, and the thirty years of experience in the field of finishing of aluminium have resulted in our most innovative and ambitious project, the OPERA Collection.
30 years of work and passion in the Art of aluminium finishing and the desire to interpret the modern culture and creativity have yielded the Accademia collection.

"On the border between heritage and projects i build a door, i can each time walk through"

General Manager

"Aleph is an innovative way of conceiving internal doors. A brilliant tool that is able to either blend with the environment or fill spaces with personality."

Art Director


    ALEPH Aluminium
    Doors And Systems

    Via E.Mattei, 10 – Loc.Moie
    25050 Rodengo Saiano (BS)

    +39 030 728 1306


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